Remember Watching ‘The Love Boat’?

Most of us ‘40+ singles’ spent many Saturday nights at home during our childhood, or (for the severely (un)lucky number of us) teens or even twenties, watching The Love Boat at 9 p.m.!

It’s likely that all of us now have different recollections about what the show actually meant to us back then. For this adolescent male growing up in the 1980’s, the show used to mean:

  1. ‘Well, this is better than BJ, The Bear and Quincy M.D., I suppose.’
  2. ‘I hope Charo or that one lady from Maude is a guest star tonight!’
  3. ‘How does this Doc guy get all the girls?’

I also remember drifting off during romantic scenes (sans Charo and Adrienne Barbeau – the ‘lady from Maude’), wondering about how refreshing and exciting it would be to go on a cruise ship. To venture into the unknown and set sail out into the endless ocean, visiting exotic new places. And, if by chance, I were to meet a special someone and form a Hollywood-scripted, deep romantic connection with. How incredible would that be?!

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