Stepping Up To The Microphone

Brett Featherston and Robb Flint have faces for radio. Rather than quit their jobs to attempt careers on the air, the University Park residents decided to team up and start their own podcast, “Insignificant Others.”

A few years ago, Flint recommended Featherston start listening to podcasts while on a drive to Colorado. Hooked, Featherston suggested he and Flint start their own, and two years of talking later, “Insignificant Others” was conceived.

“I think we hit it off because we like to talk,” Flint said. “We like other people, we think we are funny, but not as funny as we think we are. So, we thought we could bring something to podcasting.”

“Insignifcant Others” airs to demonstrate the adage “everyone has a story.” Talking to a variety of individuals, from a news reporter and recovering alcoholic to a cancer survivor, together the two tackle a wide range of topics from local personalities.

“The main thing, when we did this, we did it with the intent of let’s just do whatever we want,” Featherston added. “What’s fun for us. It wasn’t to make money and I doubt we will ever make a penny off of it.”

Flint, a consultant, and Featherston, head of sales for a loyalty marketing company, decided to start the venture for fun in September. Following three months of preparation and practice, they felt ready to bring in their first guest.

While they have no prior journalistic experience, the two aren’t afraid to ask questions, and discuss real and difficult situations in their guests lives. As of yet, microphone shyness has not been an issue.

“All of the sudden you hear the stories about them battling cancer or alcoholism or the challenges they faced,” Featherston said. “It’s a great way to get to know people and … what the coolest thing has been is how willing and open people have been to share their stories.”

The name “Insignificant Others” doesn’t refer to the dynamic duo’s guests. According to them, the title is more about the hosts’ lack of fame.

“It’s a play on words,” Flint said. “It’s more about us than it is about our guests.”

The hour to an hour and a half sessions take place in a domestic setting rather than a high tech studio. Just Featherston and Flint, their guest, and $400 worth of equipment — including headphones and microphones —, all sitting casually around the kitchen table in Featherston’s home.

According to Featherston, “Insignificant Others” already has 10,000 downloads, with only seven sessions posted to iTunes to date.

“It’s bigger than I thought it would be,” Featherston said. “And the cool thing is we’ve got guests and friends that are suggesting other [guests] … It’s kind of taken on a life of its own.”

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