Family Practice Makes Clients Enlightened

Kari Feinstein has always been fascinated with beauty. Growing up she styled her friends and spent hours in front of the mirror.

The way she remembers it (her father says otherwise), 12 years ago she was sitting on the beach in Connecticut with her family popping pimples. Her dad, an endocrinologist, said something that “struck her like lightening.”

Dr. David Feinstein said he had heard of new technology that was capable of permanently removing hair with a laser, which could really help his patients who struggle with hormonal imbalances that can cause excessive facial hair growth.

Kari was intrigued. After doing research, she told her dad she wanted to start her own business. She became certified as a technician, and has since accumulated more certifications than can fit on her wall – one for each of the different procedures and pieces of equipment she uses.

Despite his reservations, he gave her one of his examining rooms in his office at Medical City — and then another, and another after that, as her business continued to grow.
“Kari was involved early with the new technology, she sort of caught the wave,” David said.

Eleven years later, Kari has expanded her company, Enlighten MD, into its own office space on Forest Lane where she cares for more than 3,000 patients.

Since opening her medical spa, Kari has expanded into other treatment procedures largely focusing on reducing the affects of aging, including Ultherapy, an FDA-approved nonsurgical procedure to lift the brow, chin, and neck.

“Business is good; Everyone’s aging,” Kari said. “Making people feel their best is very rewarding.”

Though Kari owns the business, it is largely a Feinstein family affair.

David is the medical director. Younger sister Abby has been a technician at the spa for five years. Lauren, the youngest of the five Feinstein siblings, started her own social media company, Crush Brands, and is in charge of Enlighten’s social media.

“I have this unusual experience,” David said. “I don’t have any children living in my house anymore — I see them at work. I go to work to see my children.”

In addition to four of the Feinsteins working together in the same office, all five siblings live in Preston Hollow within driving distance of their childhood home.
“Golf carts are involved,” Lauren said.

Kari, now a mother of three boys, says her family support system is how she is able to keep balance in her life.

“She was sort of made to do what she is doing,” David said. “Kari is very, in a sense, naturally successful in this arena.”

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