RTC Puts Funds Towards Preston Center’s Parking Problem

How to solve Preston Center’s parking problem has become a $400,000 question. The Regional Transportation Council approved the sum to fund an analysis of transportation and parking in Preston Center at their latest meeting Thursday.

Michael Morris, transportation director of the North Central Texas Council of Governments presented the case.

NCTCOG has partnered with the City of Dallas and Texas Department of Transportation in an ongoing effort to develop a Northwest Highway and Preston Road Area Plan. Their study is set to be completed this summer.

Morris said, “What we’re doing is we’re getting $400,000 worth of engineering experience, of folks that deal with parking lots.” He said thus far they haven’t had good interface with drivers getting into parking garages.

The focus is on the last mile approaching Preston Center. People “struggle for five minutes for the last half-mile,” Morris said. “How can we design a garage where the people mover system is integrated into the garage?”

The hope is that the interface analysis will answer this question, as well as reducing congestion in the area.

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