Friday Field Trip: Alamo Drafthouse


We’ve been working hard here to get the May issue together, and a couple of us decided to treat ourselves to a matinee showing of The Jungle Book. Since our offices are located downtown, we decided to hop over to the new Alamo Drafthouse, which opened in February.

Bringing the dining experience to the comfort of your leather seat, the theater is staffed with servers who stealthily come to you. Which means, no getting up for refills in the midst of your movie. With a menu full of goodies, from traditional popcorn to spaghetti squash marinara, the options are perfect for those who want a full meal or something to snack on. (Not to mention their vast beer selection).

It’s a concept similar to Studio Movie Grill.

The only thing they can’t bring to you is the bathroom, so plan accordingly.

We decided to go the traditional route and ordered two unlimited sodas and bottomless popcorn, which came to about $16 total, plus tip, and $9 a ticket. Overall, a pretty good deal for two people to spend at least $15 a person.

So, while it may be a longer drive than your go-to movie theater, if you haven’t been to an Alamo Drafthouse, it’s worth trying at least once. And if you’re looking for a different dinner option, we hear there’s this place called Vetted Well on the rooftop, but we’ll save that for a different trip.

Staff Movie Review: -A

Maybe we’re just a bit jumpy, but we found it to be a bit scarier than the original Disney movie we grew up watching. But we did enjoy the revitalization of some of the tunes to which we used to sing along. A great voice cast, although we thought Scarlet Johansson could have used a bit move voice time as the hypnotic Kaa. Idris Elba’s calming, but commanding voice made for the perfect antagonist in Shere Khan. And Bill Murray kept true to the lackadaisical Baloo, adding some of his own carefree spirit to the character. So, “forget about your worries and your strife” and enjoy the “Bare Necessities” in this live-action remake of the film adaptation of Rudyard Kipling’s The Jungle Book.

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