Bring Back the Brass This Summer

As you freshen up your home for summer, consider bringing these elements back into your home and pay tribute to the old and the new.

Brass is Back
Be careful, as this is not the shiny brass of the ‘80s, but a warm satin brass. Pair this beautiful finish with the Calcutta and Carrera marbles that are so popular in today’s bathrooms and kitchens. Mixing cool gray finishes with warm gold and brass tones makes a beautiful statement. Another way to pull in brass is with light fixtures, cabinet hardware, wall accents, and fireplace accessories.

Exterior interiors
We are seeing a huge resurgence in materials that are typically used on the exterior of homes or commercial buildings being used in interiors. Instead of staining your concrete floors to look like leather or applying a dark stain as in the past, add simple clear sealers and let the beauty of unfinished surfaces become finished.

The use of exposed structure has made its way into residential design primarily through the surge of converting industrial spaces into apartments and town homes. Removing the ceiling gives the illusion of a soaring structure, open spaces, and clean lines.

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