Three Types of Healing in One Stop

In the back room of a repurposed commercial building on lower Greenville Avenue, Highland Park High School athlete Jordyn Kaplan sits in a chair with NormaTec pulse gear strapped to her legs. The black bags that compress her legs to get the blood flowing are part of her typical visit to KinetikChain.

Dr. Landan Webster started KinetikChain three years ago with the idea of melding different styles of physical therapy in order to help the body repair injuries and function properly.

Rather than having a patient go to multiple physicians in different locations, KinetikChain creates a one-stop location for muscular, skeletal, and neurological treatment.

“The big picture is get people back to functioning properly as quickly as we possibly can,” Webster said. “There’s going to be people who don’t need chiropractic, they only need rehab, or some therapy, or some movement patterning.”

KinetikChain offers treatment for spinal, lower extremity, and upper extremity conditions; cryotherapy, which lowers skin temperature to around 30 degrees F for up to three minutes; NormaTec recovery, which helps pump out lactic acid while reducing inflammation; an athletic training room; and individual doctor visits to relieve pain.

Patients who come in without an injury go through a Specific Functional Movement Assessment (SFMA) prior to their treatment, which determines where patients can improve flexibility or movement.

Kaplan has been coming to KinetikChain for a few years now. It has helped with past injuries and prevention of new ones, she said.

“It’s been benefiting me a lot being able to have recovery and just stay healthy,” the cross country and track athlete said.

A typical visit for Kaplan, who has suffered a stress fracture in her tibia and patellar tendonitis in her knees, takes around 20 minutes when she isn’t being treated for an injury.

But KinetikChain isn’t solely for athletes, Landan said. The purpose of the business is to appeal to anyone, from a future college athlete to someone who works out a few times a week.

For example: “Grandma can’t put the dishes away on the top shelf. She goes to the YMCA seven days a week and she’s having a hard time again with her hip hurting. She’s as much of an athlete as any of the professionals that come in here, if not more because she’s busting her hump,” Landan said.

Most of the services KinetikChain offers are provided in a membership model, where a patient can buy several sessions for one set fee. Doctor visits are charged per session.

“They can come in, they don’t need to have an appointment … it takes all the excuse out of somebody not taking care of themselves,” Webster said.

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