Get Outside With Dad This Year

Don’t just send a card or get your dad a new tie this Father’s Day. Instead, go outdoors and do something. As I get older, I’ve learned there’s no substitute for spending time together. Here are three ideas to help you make some memories.

Make the Rounds at Trinity Groves
Never been over to the burgeoning area just north of Oak Cliff? Now’s your chance to sample Amberjax Fish Market Grille, Casa Rubia, Restro Gastro Bistro, or any one of the many restaurants in the area. Everything is in walking distance, so why not restaurant hop? Start at one, grab an appetizer, cash out, and keep moving. Get there early or make reservations to snag prime patio space. He’ll remember it long after you’re done.

Hit the Green
There’s nothing better than teeing up time with Dad on the golf course. Instead of playing it straight, why not play a round with a Nassau side bet. It’s three bets in one. Low score on the front nine, low score on the back nine, and one on the full 18. Spice it up and wager beers or milkshakes, depending on your age, to sip and chill afterward. Not up for 18 holes, Topgolf has plenty of fun games to play.

Adventure Time
When’s the last time you went camping? No, seriously. Bring up camping, hiking, or canoeing with your father and you’ll be sure to drum up his adventurous spirit. Speaking from experience, there’s nothing more I’d want my kids to do than spend time with me — and as a bonus, outdoors. Now’s the time to go before the weather gets unbearable in July and August. Can’t leave town? Get your bikes and go for a ride around White Rock Lake. Be sure to pack a Frisbee or Nerf football in a backpack for your power break.

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