Furry Friends Inspire Interiors

Sarah Pickard
Sarah Pickard

Those who know me know that I am a huge animal lover — all animals no matter what breed, shape, or size. In recent weeks while working with several clients, I have noticed that their interiors have taken on characteristics of their dogs… colors, shapes, and personalities. We love them to death so why not get inspired by them? From gray, white, black and white, to chocolate, our favorite pooches are definitely the rage in color and design trends.

Black and white rooms exude energy and sophistication. They are timeless, classic, and chic. Add further dimension to your space by adding pops of color to your palette. Be daring and paint your base, door trim or crown molding glossy black. Black and white tile is also all the rage today and reminiscent of homes in Europe, where it has been installed on floors, walls, and ceilings for centuries. Your guests will not want to leave these spaces!

Gray is not going anywhere this season; it is stronger than ever in our interiors. When paired with pops of yellow, pink, navy, and white, gray makes for a classic, yet versatile background that is easily adaptable for traditional, transitional, or modern homes. You won’t see this color leave our interiors for quite a while! Each shade — cool grays, warm grays, even grays with pink or blue undertones – can be found in paint, fabrics, flooring and accessories.

Gray is not for everybody. For those of you who do not want to jump on this trend, chocolate is the perfect alternative. Chocolate will forever be a classic color, but it has recently taken the back seat to white and gray rooms. Before you start getting rid of all the old brown of yesterday, think about keeping your favorite pieces as accents and conversation pieces. Take cues from fashion and try pairing brown with softer pastels, such as peach for summer. Keep it light, bright, and airy. Don’t forget to mix your metals in your accent pieces. Rose gold goes beautifully with chocolate!

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