HP Approves Law Enforcement Mutual Aid

Highland Park Town Council met at 8 a.m. this morning for an emergency session to discuss deployment of security personnel relating to an event that could attract a large crowd. After a closed session meeting, the council unanimously approved the item and the authorization to coordinate with the City of Dallas for emergency public safety purposes.

An agreement was presented before the Council to allow the Town of Highland Park and the City of Dallas to form the HPDPS/DPD Law Enforcement Mutual Aid Team. According to the agreement, “The purpose of the team is to cooperate in the investigation of criminal activity; enforcement of the laws of this State; and, to protect health, life and property from riot, disaster, threat of concealed explosives, unlawful assembly characterized by force and violence or threatened violence.”

The agreement allow HPDPS or DPD to request enforcement assistance from each other, allowing “personnel to perform law enforcement duties outside the Responding Member’s territorial limits, but within the territorial limits of a Requesting Member…”

So, can anyone think of any last minute reason that would require such a last minute agreement? Perhaps a big name known to draw large crowds who is coming to the big D today?

An email from HPDPS reports that there are no scheduled events affiliated with a rally that was scheduled to take place in Highland Park, and the rally has since relocated.

One thought on “HP Approves Law Enforcement Mutual Aid

  • June 20, 2016 at 5:47 pm

    Just shows how unprepared HP DPS is today to handle an “event.” Not long ago, Mayor Joel Williams was suing the City of Dallas over private development behind Abbott Park? And filing nonsense complaints regarding Love Field. Now Joel wants to use Dallas police?

    Mayor Williams needs to understand the concept of getting ahead of the curve. sad.


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