Make Your Grout Stand Out

For many years, we have seen a trend of making grout go away. Grout lines got smaller, and we used the term butt-joint to describe designs showing no grout line or as little grout line as possible. As designers and contractors, we chose colors that would blend in with the tile or stone and not take away from the tile itself. The grout color was secondary and played no part in the design. It was almost a nuisance to make the selection. I dreaded picking grout colors and was always waiting for the tile installer on job sites, screaming for the color!

In recent months, Pickard Design Studio has gone the opposite direction and purposely made the grout stand out as part of our design by integrating the selection process with the design process instead of simply wishing it would go away. Who would have imagined that the grout could pop just as much as the tile and create a double design effect? The bold contrast of grout against the tile creates a sophisticated yet unexpected design element. This is a great way to incorporate current fashion trends in your home and provide an unexpected conversation piece with the tile design.

Many grout companies have caught on to this trend and are offering a wide variety of new colors, metallic tones, and even glitter additives to make ever-popular glass tiles shine with just a bit of luster. If you need to simply update your existing grout and don’t want the hassle of starting from scratch, you can use a colored grout sealer and paint your existing grout.

Pickard Design Studio is known for mixing metals in our interiors, and my favorite combination is metallic satin gold grout with classic Calacatta marble. Make white subway tile pop with a dark gray grout. Add a bright color to your pool bathroom tile and that boring fireplace surround can come to life with some glitter! Dare to be different and make your grout stand out!

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