Holy Trinity Catholic School Introduces New Immaculate Heart Program

The Immaculate Heart Program was initiated to fully realize Holy Trinity Catholic School’s mission of developing the whole child by meeting the needs of one of the most underserved and underperforming groups in catholic schools, children with dyslexia.

The program is rooted in early assessment, remediation, and classroom teacher training. A Certified Dyslexia Therapist provides direct instruction for students identified with dyslexia, while a Certified Academic Language Therapist works alongside the classroom teacher to support accommodations necessary for academic success. Focused training for teachers on serving the learning-different student in the regular classroom is an integral part of the program.

Named after the devotion that is beloved in the Vincentian tradition, the Immaculate Heart Program not only provides support and direct instruction for continued improvement of academic skills but also enable students to discover their learning strengths and build on them. Believing that every child is gifted by God, Holy Trinity aims to discover and help develop those gifts for God’s greater glory.

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