Questioning the Unquestionable

This month, our cover story involves a murder. This may be common in some publications, but it’s not a topic we delve into often. I suppose we should be thankful for that. Most of the challenges we face are of a less violent variety.

The thing that struck me about this murder was the fact that it wasn’t just some drunken argument that got tragically out of hand. If the allegations are true, this was a pre-planned ambush. In my mind, it’s hard to imagine anyone being capable of something so cold and brutal. I want to know what the killer was thinking. At what point in the decision-making process did he or she evaluate all of the options and determine homicide was the best one? We may eventually learn the motives, but no matter what they are, I doubt I will truly understand.

Luckily, there were also good things for us to write about this month. School is back in session, along with all the sports and extracurriculars that accompany the classes. The fun part of our job is meeting you. There are so many extraordinary people in our community, and so many interesting stories to tell.

Meeting Annette Leslie a few weeks ago was particularly memorable for me. Her son, Carson, was an amazing young man who died way too young. I wish I could have met him. I challenge anyone to read his book Carry Me and not come away loving the guy. I think he could have had fun with anybody.

Despite living through something no mother should have to endure, Annette has managed to channel her pain into action through the work of the Carson Leslie Foundation. Not only does she work to raise money and lobby elected officials, but she also spends hours in hospital rooms with young patients because she knows how lonely and painful the experience can be.

I can tell how much Annette enjoys telling Carson’s story to the world. I want her to know how much I was inspired by both of them.

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