PH Students Busted in Alcohol-Fueled House Party on Beverly Drive

Several Parish Episcopal students and one Jesuit Academy student got caught at a Highland Park house party police broke up in the 3200 block of Beverly Drive at 10:30 p.m. Nov. 5.

Police had responded to a noise complaint that teenagers were talking loudly and playing music on a front lawn.

The officers on duty questioned a resident of the house in question, who said there were 20 minors at the house and no adults, but that no one was consuming alcohol.

After officers found empty beer cans and a game of beer pong set up in the half-open garage at the back of the house, they entered the house, where they found large quantities of alcohol stashed.

15 teenagers were found hiding in various parts of the house. Two remained locked in an upstairs bedroom for an hour while police knocked on the door.

Two others were caught in the fenced yard of the house next door.

Six teens who were found in an upstairs closet admitted to having consumed alcohol and were issued citations. The others were released into their parents’ custody.

The host of the party was issued a citation for minor in possession. The host’s mother, who was not at home, apparently had no knowledge of the party. She told police on the phone that she was told the students were working on a school project.

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