Galleria Skating Rink Renovations Complete

The Galleria ice skating rink reopened Oct. 26 after a major renovation project. It had been closed since mid-August.

“I’m glad that it’s done,” said David Kirby, owner of Mall Entertainment, which has operated the rink since 1991.

“The Galleria is our baby,” David said. “My father built the original one. I remember going there with him when I was younger.”

Mall Entertainment invested $1.2 million to modernize the facility. New pipes were installed to meet future environmental requirements. The rink will now be cooled with salt water instead of Freon, making it easier to maintain and skate on. A new sub-floor heating system will also prevent moisture from building under the foundation.

Skaters will notice all new dasher boards around the rink, including a rail that will be easier for children to grip. The sound system has also been replaced.

In order to continue skating classes during construction, a temporary smaller rink was built nearby. Kirby intended to close it once the renovations were complete. However, the popularity of the smaller facility gave him second thoughts.

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