Newspaper for Sale

D Magazine Partners Chairman and CEO Wick Allison is actively seeking buyers for this publication. I’ll admit to being a little bummed by the news at first. D is a great company to work for. I think I speak for the whole staff when I say that we love coming to work here every day, or at least most days. However, we are also confident that this change will allow us to better serve you, the people of our community.
Park Cities People has always been a consistent performer, and especially so the last three years. But in a company devoted to the D brand, it has also been a sort of stepchild,” Allison said. “The Park Cities are a very important and tight-knit community, and it rightly expects the very best. We’ve come to believe that a new owner could better serve the community by giving the newspaper the energy and attention it deserves.”
According to our publisher Patricia Martin, many people have inquired about buying the publication over the years. The timing just hasn’t been right until now.
“It’s a good time for community newspapers. They are the sweet spot in the world of newspaper publishing,” Martin said. “While many dailies have been struggling for years, hyper-local community newspapers have continued to carve out a profitable niche. People Newspapers continues to perform well with consistent revenues and profit.”
There will surely be more news to come in the ensuing months, but for now it’s business as usual, until it isn’t anymore. We are all going to miss working with our friends at D, but we look forward to soon being able to share your stories better than we ever have before.

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