Slipper Club Announces New Board

The Slipper Club of Dallas announced its new executive team on Feb. 23. The 2107/2018 board will consist of the following people.

President: Meredith Allen; Gala Chair: Cari Euart; Communications Chair: Sarah Schoonover; Public Relations Chair: Lauren Sears; Underwriting Chair: Amy Stone; Gala Decorations Chair: Alex Bjornnes; Auction Co-Chair: Emory Callegari, Kay Hitzelberger, Savannah Thode; Membership Chair: Elizabeth Metzger; Asst. Membership Chair: Stacey Staathoff; Social Co-Chair: Deirdre Huffines, Elle Burnett; Special Events Chair: Lily Kramlich-Taylor; New Member Chair: Julie Butkus; New Member Receptions: Shelby Dietze; Treasurer: Tara Besancon; Assistant Treasurer: Lizz McKean; Meeting Planner: Angela Cox; Secretary: Allison Mynard; Charitable R&D: Spencer Bruno.

The club also recently presented Rays of Light Dallas with a check for $116,621.

Rays of Light Dallas helps provide free quality care to families with special needs children. The Slipper Club donation will allow them to help an additional 150 families.

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