Bluffview Growler Brings Craft Beer Close to Home

Craft beer lovers had reason to celebrate this January when the Bluffview Growler opened on Northwest Highway just east of Lemmon Avenue. The bar features a rotating lineup of craft beers with an emphasis on local brews.

“Every week gets a little busier,” co-owner Dale Czech said. Nearly four years after opening Lakewood Growler in East Dallas, he and his wife, Stacy, decided to bring their concept to Bluffview.

“I’ve always been kind of a serial entrepreneur. Back in 2013, I was home brewing and kind of knew what was going to happen with the local brew scene,” Dale said. “I figured I couldn’t brew and compete with what was out there, so I decided to sell other people’s beer.”

By Dale’s estimate, the number of craft beer outlets in Dallas has more than tripled since then. He attributes that in large part to the public’s desire to drink a better quality product. Preferences change as artisan foods, coffees, and beers become more available.

“Texas pride is also a big part of it,” Stacy added. “People have a lot of pride in their Texas products.”

Dale manages Bluffview’s beer lineup. The taps feature 44 beers along with a root beer, a cider, a kombucha tea, and a mead, which is made from fermented honey. Patrons can expect regular changes to the beer menu, dependent on availability and demand.

Stacy designed both locations, and even built Bluffview’s picnic-style tables in her garage.

The couple chose the location after an exhaustive search all over Dallas. It seemed like a good fit since there are no similar establishments nearby. As patrons become familiar with the bar, Dale and Stacy hope to find more ways to cater to their needs.

One change patrons can expect soon is the addition of coffee. By the end of April, a State Street Coffee will set up shop in one corner of the bar.

State Street started three years ago as a kiosk at the Alcove wine and beer bar in Uptown. Co-owner Mike Mettendorf calls his team the “premier coffee nerds” in Dallas.

“If you’re a skinny vanilla latte everyday customer at Starbucks, we’ve got you covered,” Mettendorf said. “If you are a hardcore coffee drinker and want to talk about tasting notes and the blueberry flavors in espresso, we want to talk with you, too.”

According to Dale and Stacy, coffee is just another way to make their neighbors feel at home, whether they need a place to work, meet with colleagues, or unwind after a long day. Plans are already in the works for an outdoor patio. Food and wine options could also be expanded based on customer feedback.

“We can see what the neighborhood wants and be a good citizen, giving people what they want so they don’t have to drive to East Dallas or a suburb,” Stacy said.

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