Shaving Face Might Make Some Sense

Several years ago I learned that women actually shave their faces to exfoliate. It made me stop and think, yes, that makes a lot of sense!

I still find myself pondering the whole concept. The professional equivalent of a razor, and actually a much better alternative for women’s skin, is a Dermaplane. Razors are suitable for a man’s skin, but a razor’s edge is much thicker than a Dermaplane blade. Dermaplane physically exfoliates, similar to microdermabrasion, but with a blade like a thin, flat scalpel.

The blade is scraped against the skin in short upward strokes in a certain pattern, depending on the part of the face. Unlike Microderm, it is not done on the nose, just the forehead, cheek, and chin areas (the places you grow facial hair.)

Thinking it might cut you? It doesn’t, and if it did, it would be a minor knick. It does remove “peach fuzz”, which are actually called vellus hairs. My biggest question was, does the hair grow back thicker or darker, and the answer is no. It will grow back as it was previously, in about four weeks. Vellus hairs are not like eyebrow hairs, which are called “terminal” hairs.

Dermaplane takes about 30-45 minutes, so it’s a quick way to refresh your face. Like Microdermabrasion, it leaves you with fresh, clean, smooth (actually probably smoother) skin, creating a healthy glow. My face feels the softest it’s ever felt, like “baby bottom” soft.

Dermaplane takes off the top layer of dead skin cells for better cell rejuvenation. It helps products penetrate the skin better; if you are scheduling a facial, adding Dermaplane beforehand will help give maximum benefit from the facial. I didn’t consider my face to have that much hair, until I saw what she took off. I was astounded!

This is definitely a wonderful treatment for women with a lot of unwanted facial hair. Directly afterward, my face felt taut and dry. The next day I felt like the hair on my head kept sticking to my face. I also noticed that my blush and bronzer, both powder, seemed to seep in quite quickly and sort of disappear. Two days out, actually for many days after, my face itched and was slightly red when I scratched it. I had a couple of break outs but they were minimal. I attribute most of this to having a new layer of skin exposed, along with the lack of hair.

I went to Facelogic on Lovers Lane (you know that cute little unassuming spot next to Chips?) which is the most serene, quick-stop spa. They offer spa treatments individually. The awesome thing is when you sign up for a membership, you get a whole slew of treatments as a welcome package that you can bank in your account to use at a later time or can even give away to someone. I noticed one of the posters on their window said, “Look like a celebrity without spending like one,” and I certainly feel like my face glows and is dewy like any celebrity walking a red carpet!

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