Pet Microchipping Now Mandatory in Preston Hollow

An ordinance passed by the Dallas City Council now requires all dogs and cats to be microchipped. The tiny chip, approximately the size of a grain of rice, is injected just beneath the surface of the pet’s skin between its shoulder blades. Once in place, a special reader can identify the animal if it gets lost, or if an emergency situation arises.

Under the previous ordinance, owners were required to register their animals annually. The new guidelines eliminate this requirement. Residents will instead need to have their pets microchipped before their current registration expires. According to city officials, this change should save pet owners money since the annual registration fee has been replaced by a one-time microchipping cost.

Most local veterinarian offices offer the service. Dallas Animal Services will microchip pets for $15.

The new ordinance includes exemptions for pets that cannot be microchipped due to medical reasons. The city requires a note from a veterinarian in such cases. Pet owners are also required to update their contact information on the microchip within 30 days of any changes.

More information on the new ordinance can be found at the Dallas Animal Services website.

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