Bush Institute Appoints Retired Colonel to Promote Well-Being of Veterans

Debut April and Jay Graham Fellow, Col. Miguel D. Howe, speaks at the Stand To Event at the George W. Bush Presidential Center in Washington, DC. (Photo by Grant Miller)

Retired Col. Miguel D. Howe has been named as the inaugural April and Jay Graham Fellow of the Military Service Initiative at the George W. Bush Institute, a non-partisan policy institute focused on developing leaders, advancing policy, and taking action to address today’s pressing challenges.

As an endowed fellow, Howe will represent the Bush Institute’s work to improve the transition of post-9/11 veterans to civilian life, and to foster veteran leadership roles. He will also amplify his advocacy for veterans and build awareness for the issues that affect their transitions, such as employment, education, health, and well-being. In addition, he will travel the country to speak, write, and serve as a resource for veteran-serving organizations, corporate, academic, nonprofit, and policymakers.

“Our goal here is have a major and lasting impact,” said Ken Hersh, president and CEO of the George W. Bush Presidential Center. “A strong, endowed fellows program amplifies the voices of President and Mrs. Bush with experts in the field. Col. Howe has been a significant contributor to the Bush Institute’s efforts to serve our nation’s veterans. Under his leadership, the program has brought together critical partners to find new solutions that address the issues most important to veterans and their families.”

With the transition to his new role, Col. Matthew Amidon will serve in Howe’s former position as the director of the Military Service Initiative.

Before he retired in 2013, Howe served more than 24 years in the Army. He deployed to Afghanistan, Iraq, and Latin America during his time. In 2006, he was selected by President George W. Bush to serve as a White House Fellow.

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