Filmmaker Comes Home

Marco Bottiglieri (Courtesy photo)

Proud of his North Texas upbringing, director Marco Bottiglieri insisted on returning home to make his first feature length movie.

“I hope to make many feature films as a director, but there is only one first feature film, and I knew it had to be filmed in Dallas,” the 24-year-old Los Angeles resident said. “I knew I had to go back to where I had friends and ask for help in making this movie.”

Bottiglieri returned to Dallas in early August to premiere Color Me You at Studio Movie Grill on West Technology Boulevard, complete with a red-carpet experience and opportunities for fans to shoot photographs.

He said he enjoyed filming in Dallas and at SMU where he was able to get help from his friends.

“I will look back at this film and be proud of it, but be even more proud I went back to my hometown to shoot it,” he said.

Color Me You is the story of Kat Abernathy, a woman conflicted between honoring her artistic passion to paint or carrying on her family’s legacy and becoming a lawyer.

Bottiglieri traces his passion for the arts, theater, and filmmaking to his education in Highland Park.

“Everything that I learned while at Highland Park helped me get my foot in the door in LA,” he said. “I love how competitive Highland Park is — it’s great to think like a winner. I’m extremely thankful to have been taught not to settle for mediocrity, but excellence.”

A brief biography on notes how Bottiglieri has “directed and produced numerous nationally acclaimed films, commercials, and music videos since he was 15” and been named in Variety as an up-and-coming filmmaker.

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