A Sparkling Business Endeavor

Carat, cut, color, and clarity: four little words that can strike fear in a young man’s heart, and lighten his wallet.

Setting out to purchase an engagement ring, or any piece of diamond jewelry, can be a daunting task — one Diamonds Direct aims to make as smooth and enjoyable as possible.

“Our environment is always relaxed, hands-on, friendly, and informative,”said Senior Vice President Amit Berger.

Berger left the restaurant industry more than 20 years ago to join a company in the Israeli Diamond Exchange. The business had operated since 1956, cutting, manufacturing, and selling diamonds at wholesale to big dealers and privately-owned stores.

Eventually, he moved to the United States to run one of the wholesale offices in Washington, D.C.

Berger and his brother, Itay, saw a business opportunity inspired by the high margins retailers were charging customers.

“The concept back then of selling direct to the public was very new,” Amit said. “Today, the industry is very successful because of that.”

Itay spearheaded expansion into the retail sector in 1995 with the first Diamonds Direct store in Charlotte, North Carolina.

After the first store opened, Amit continued working in wholesale. By 2004, Diamonds Direct was thriving, so Itay, president of Diamonds Direct, relocated his family to Charlotte. In 2008, Amit moved to Birmingham, Alabama to open the second Diamonds Direct location.

“I really enjoyed making the change from wholesale to retail, because working with customers is such an intimate and personal experience,” Amit said.

The newest Texas store brought Amit to Dallas last year.

Diamond Direct’s Preston Road storefront was previously home to David Blank’s wholesale jewelry store, Diamond Doctor, which the brothers were able to acquire after meeting Blank through a mutual acquaintance. Blank admired their business approach and commitment to continue his philanthropic causes.

The sale was unrelated to a legal battle with a Nashville attorney who had claimed Diamond Doctor over-graded diamonds, Blank said.

After acquiring Diamond Doctor last November, Diamonds Direct brought the brothers’ expertise and a huge selection of direct-to-consumer-priced diamonds to Dallas.

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