Five Tips for Making the Right Impression at Charity Events

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Charity luncheons occur throughout the year, helping raise money and awareness for causes and nonprofits.

Those who attend can benefit by meeting new people, learning about the work of area organizations, and discovering ways to get involved in their community.

But how do you get the most out of the charity luncheon experience and make the best impression?

Katherine Mathes Bullock and Melinda Cheney Mathes. (Photo: Carlisch Photography)

Katherine Mathes Bullock and Melinda Cheney Mathes co-chaired Appetite for Advocacy, a luncheon on April 20 to raise money for Dallas Children’s Advocacy Center (DCAC) and awareness of the center’s anti-child abuse efforts.

Bullock and Mathes offered these tips for charity luncheon goers:

Look Your Best
A good outfit for a luncheon would be either a nice day dress or a suit.

Arrive Early
It is always better to arrive 35-45 minutes early from the time set for the event to start. Doing so provides time to drop by the registration desk, account for traffic delays, and meet people.

“It’s really a nice time to be meeting people,” Mathes said.

Research The Organization
“I think that it’s always helpful to research the group before you are attending and learn a little bit about them before you arrive so that you’re not completely closed to the cause or the group,” Bullock said.

Be Attentive
It is highly important for you to be present in the moment. That means giving the speaker and organization your undivided attention. It’s frowned upon to be spending time on your phone, texting, emailing, or even talking while someone is speaking.

Get Involved
Do send a thank you note after the luncheon, but the most impactful way to thank a hostess is to contribute that day to the event.

“There are so many ways to donate, whether it is your time volunteering, whether it is supplies, or your network, helping them find other people who might be able to give as well.” Bullock, said. “So I think that part of being involved in your community is not only financially supporting different organizations but through your time as well.”

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