Try These Reads To Change Your Life


Have an issue? Not feeling your best? Want to do something new but need motivation? No problem – everyone has been there, and will be again. The solution is to learn from others who have gone before you.

During the past few years I’ve consumed tales, notions, and interviews about chasing your best you. That may mean building the big dreams, getting healthy, achieving financial stability, or changing the way you interact with people.

Here are some of my favorites. Hope one or two of them will inspire you, as well.

Anything You Want by Derek Sivers
Why: You’ve got ideas. You don’t want to be like everyone else.
What: Derek created CDBaby and did everything his own way with the sole focus of helping musicians. In this quick read you’ll find inspiration about knowing your purpose and sticking to your mission.
Quote: “If you find even the smallest way to make people smile, they’ll remember you more for that smile than for all your other fancy business-model stuff.”


Sick In The Head by Judd Apatow
Why: You crave anthropological insight from those most adept at dissecting and regurgitating the human condition in ways we all understand and relate to.
What: Beginning in high school, Judd starting interviewing comics. Stand-up comedians are keen observers of how people act and the motivations behind why they act that way. These ideas are delivered in thought-provoking and entertaining interview snippets.
Quote: “We always want to know, ‘Where’s the intention?’ and, now, let’s find a path to that intention.”


Just Kids by Patti Smith
Why: You are interested in the history or development of arts, music, New York City or just people, in general.
What: In her autobiography, Patti gracefully walks through her past in the most innocent and observational way. Her insider’s insight into what made some of the era’s most notables tick is fascinating but this is also a tale of a girl in the world growing up.
Quote: “It’s like drumming. If you miss a beat, you create another.”

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