Ten Best Dressed – Kimberly Whitman

Kimberly is a first-time honoree. She and her husband, Justin, have two children, a son, JR and a daughter, Millie. She is a graduate of SMU with an honors degree in art history. She has served as a lifestyle contributor to the Today Show and editor-at-large of Southern Living Magazine since 2011. Among her many charitable causes, Kimberly is a member of The Sweetheart Ball and the advisory committee of MTV’s ReDefine of which she is a past chair.

Q: Tell us about your favorite Park Cities or Preston Hollow place to get pampered:

A: I love getting a manicure and pedicure from Sophia’s on Lover’s Lane or using the Cherry App to come to my house.

Q: Other than the beneficiaries of Crystal Charity Ball, what charity/cause pulls at your heartstring, and why?

A: I am very excited about the work that Human Trafficking Institute is doing around the world. I’ve been working with them on their awareness campaigns in Dallas through the NorthPark Ambassador Program. Sadly, there are more enslaved men, women, and children today than there were before the Civil War and so few are aware of the problem.

Q: Who is your style inspiration and how do you embody them?

A: I’m so inspired by all of the “swans” who dress with elegance and style. I’m such a history lover, and I always find inspiration in images, films, and books about the past. There isn’t a particular era I love more than any other, and I guess that the way I embody them depends on my mood! If I’m feeling relaxed, I might throw on a bohemian flowing dress like Talitha Getty might have worn or a more refined caftan that I imagine Elizabeth Taylor would have lounged in with all of her jewels! If I am craving a more polished look, I like to channel Audrey or Jackie, but I like to do it with a wink by pairing it with accessories that have a whimsical touch.

Q: What is your favorite Park Cities or Preston Hollow eatery to get dressed up for lunch with girlfriends?

A: I love the NM Cafe at Neiman Marcus NorthPark and Zodiac at Neiman Marcus Downtown (not Park Cities or Preston Hollow! And I also love Le Bilboquet and Grange Hall. I couldn’t possibly pick just one!

Q: What is your fashion motto?

A: Classic with a twist!

Q: What cosmetic is always in your purse?

A: Blotting papers and lip gloss.

Q: Tell us about your favorite piece of clothing in your closet:

A: I couldn’t possibly pick just one.

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