Timeless Touch: Dallas Dry Cleaner Restores Vintage Textiles

A wedding dress is folded up and boxed under a bed for years. Stained and dusty from a farmhouse wedding, the gown now needs to be ready for another trip down the aisle.

For many people, a wardrobe is a defining possession that often includes delicate chiffon, persnickety rayon, and a few splashes of dainty crushed velvet. Another closet is lined with pinstripes, Armani overcoats, and silk shirts. Dry cleaners are the protectors of some of our most precious belongings; the goal is to get the look that gets the look.

Avon Cleaners, Dallas’ premiere dry cleaning specialists, cleans garments and fabrics that many other dry cleaners won’t.

The family-owned and operated business also restores garments to their classic look. And folded into 51 years of crisp creases is a seamless connection with craft.

Diane Wahl and Melinda Reitman are Fort Worth sisters who recently restored a wardrobe of vintage toddler girl dresses with Avon. They plan to donate them to the UNT Fashion Collective for students learn about craftsmanship.

“I have very vague memories of having them on for Sunday School and Kindergarten and maybe even pre-school,” Reitman said in a recent interview. “This means that forever we can go back and look at them and others will be able to enjoy them.”

The garment restoration process is very delicate.

“It literally takes a chemist to manage the nature of a cleaning facility, not only for how to process fine textiles but also taking stewardship of the environment,” Avon owner Stacy Godo said.

“What was so special about the restoration of the toddler dresses is that Avon’s K4 Cleaning system is responsible for the bulk of the quality,” he said. “The K4 system is a halogen-free, organic solvent with a pureness of greater than 99 percent.”

Avon offers pickup and delivery services throughout the DFW Metroplex. Each garment gets perfectly pressed every time.

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