Blooming Now: Dallas Arboretum’s Treasured Cherry Blossom Trees

One of nature’s most beautiful presentations of color is starting to unfold now at the Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden.

A wave of delicate pink and white cherry blossoms on the Arboretum’s 150 cherry blossom trees are starting to unfold, announcing their annual arrival and ushering in springtime. The flowering Japanese cherry trees are expected to be in full bloom within the next week.

“The Japanese flowering cherry trees bloom each March, putting on a beautiful show for our guests,” said Dave Forehand, Dallas Arboretum’s vice president of gardens. “The cherry blossom celebration is not to be missed. This has become a North Texas tradition.”

If you’re looking for a good time to visit the Arboretum, BOGO Wednesdays continue through April 3.

Many of the cherry trees were given as gifts to the Dallas Arboretum, including trees from Peggy B. Braecklein in honor of her parents, John R. and Thelma N. Black.

The blossoming takes place during Dallas Blooms festival, presented by IBERIABANK, themed “Life’s A Picnic,” and features an extraordinary, larger-than-life, picnic scene topiary in Jonsson Color Garden comprised of a stunning 40’x40′ picnic blanket, a vase of flowers, a picnic basket with pie and a giant picnic ant, sponsored by Dave Perry-Miller Real Estate.

In Japan, cherry blossom time is known as Hanami, with parties held both night and day under the Sakura (cherry blossom trees), to celebrate this yearly occurrence and the delicate beauty of life. Hanami dates back to the Heian Period (794-1185) when the Imperial Court in Kyoto held flower-viewing parties beneath the blossoming cherry trees. The flowers were praised by poets as a metaphor for life, “beautiful yet fleeting.”

Today, branches on many cherry trees at the Arboretum are overflowing with thousands of lacy blooms, and each tree only blooms once a year. Throughout the world, cherry blossom time runs from late March to early May, depending on the climate and local weather conditions.

Bianca R. Montes

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