A Scots Reunion in the Office

Working at Reveal Modern can seem like a Highland Park High School reunion, and that’s no accident.

(ABOVE: Hank Swayze, Trevor Anderson, and Cole Feigl pose with Dallas police officers at David Dike Fine Art Auction. Courtesy photo)

Highland Park alumni and lifelong friends Cole Feigl and Trevor Anderson were still at Texas A&M and the University of Mississippi when they crafted the idea for their online marketing firm that employs talent from their high school alma mater to serve Dallas area clients.

“With so many Park Cities families launching new businesses, it became very apparent for the need for a trustworthy, local marketing firm that could actually prove the value they bring,” Feigl said. “That is why Reveal Modern was created by people from the Park Cities for people from the Park Cities.”

The growing company already employs a dozen current and former Highland Park students, including senior Reece Dorn.

The 18-year-old assists with digital marketing campaign creation, graphic design, and front end development.

“That is why Reveal Modern was created by people from the Park Cities for people from the Park Cities.” -Cole Feigl

“The opportunities I get as a team member allow me to grow and develop professional skills,” Dorn said. “My future major will be marketing communications, and Reveal Modern for sure gives me an advantage in the tools and techniques I’ll need to excel in the future.”

Reveal Modern specializes in digital marketing and providing such services as web development and data engineering and aims to reveal to its clients the opportunities modern technology offers.

“The beauty of our service is that everything we do is trackable,” Anderson said. “Our focus is making our clients a provable return on investment because if our clients are growing, so are we.”

Feigl said that having employees with a similar background as their clients affords for special insight and working with former classmates is a dream.

Anderson agreed.

“In many ways, Cole and I have learned so much from our teachers and coaches at HP,” he said. “We’ve always known that great young talent could be found at our alma mater, but we really have been blown away by the caliber of students from Highland Park.”

The data science and engineering department is operated by Hank Swayze, Feigl’s past YMCA football teammate and Scout troop member.

“We gave him the trust and autonomy he deserved, and he built something amazing,” Feigl said. “People like Hank make Reveal Modern the company it is today, and we are blessed to do it together.”

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