Dallas Favors Pedestrians, Updates Right-of-Way Policy

It seems the time of complaining about construction chaos for Dallas pedestrians has come to end. Last week, the City Council voted to strengthen its right-of-way policy to ensure that pedestrians are not inconvenienced by construction efforts.

The approved ordinance requires contractors to provide details on how they will accommodate pedestrian and vehicle traffic when their work challenges the right of way. In addition to working out whether they will provide scaffolding and/or protection to pedestrians when a sidewalk must be closed, contractors have to inform City Council of how they plan to reroute pedestrian traffic without disrupting the right of way before work even begins.

A few other changes to the policy include reducing the amount of noise associated with construction by ensuring metal plates are bound to the concrete and informing businesses within 500 feet of the construction area of how they will be affected by the work.

D Magazine has been shaming the lack of coordination and construction signage for months with the “Dallas Hates Pedestrians” series, which documents the ridiculous ways the urban environment is disrupted by construction and poorly-managed updates to infrastructure.

Click here to read their latest installment: Did the City of Dallas Just Kill Our ‘Dallas Hates Pedestrians’ Series? and to find out more about the changes.



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