Sample Over 40 Brands of Craft Ice Cream at Central Market

What is craft ice cream, you ask?

Craft ice cream is unique because it is made in small batches– sometimes as little as five gallons at a time. It uses all-natural, local ingredients such as fresh milk and cream with little to no stabilizers. The dense weight and rich, creamy flavor found in craft ice cream are due to its high butterfat content and low overrun, making each pint reach peak deliciousness.

Typically, craft ice cream brands create unique and exotic flavors because of their higher quality ingredients, such as Central Market’s own Tahitian Vanilla and Saigon Cinnamon ice cream.


Central Market is inviting customers to cool down from July 17-23 with Ice Cream Dreams, a week-long event highlighting its more than 40 brands of craft ice cream and gelato.

We got to sample some of the ice cream that will be featured earlier this week, learning how Central Market picks each brand it wants to sell based on their unique churning methods and flavors.

Take Ample Hills, for instance. Based out of Brooklyn, New York, Ample Hills has grown from a family-run scoop shop into a business that has expanded across the country, but its flavors remain consistent and delicious. I tried the Ooey Gooey Butter Cake, where thick pieces of butter-soaked yellow cake swim in a rich cream cheese ice cream base, and went back for seconds. And thirds.

For fans of the Keto diet, Central Market is proud to share Rebel Ice Cream, a low-carb, high-fat, no sugar added brand that features classics like Mint Chip and Butter Pecan. Those who want to enjoy ice cream without compromising the work they’ve done on Keto will appreciate Rebel’s familiar and fresh tastes.

My personal favorite, though, was not a local brand like the amazing Dr Pepper Chocolate Chip from Howdy Homemade, though it was hard to beat. Instead, I picked a brand that was present for international representation, the family-owned Isle of Arran ice cream. Though I couldn’t have imagined what it would taste like, the Scottish Tablet flavor stole my tastebuds with its creamy base and pieces of Scottish tablet sprinkled throughout. I could have eaten the whole tub, but luckily Central Market stocks the brand so I can pace myself and save on airfare.

Ice Cream Dreams will feature Central Market’s favorite craft ice cream brands, highlighting those that span from Texas (Tèo Gelato) all the way to Scotland (Isle of Arran). To sample the best and discover new, local brands, Central Market will host ice cream socials in stores all week.

Jaxx Artz

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One thought on “Sample Over 40 Brands of Craft Ice Cream at Central Market

  • July 19, 2019 at 5:19 am

    We are really excited to have all of you trying our Arran Ice Cream in Texas. We are delighted to have it available in the excellent Central Market Stores.

    Glad you loved it !!!!

    Would love even more of your help to get more to try it , is there a way we could do this through your blogs and social media

    All the best from Scotland !!!



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