Letters to The Editor

Snider Plaza Parking Solution

I am emailing about the current hot topic about the idea of building an underground parking garage under Snider Plaza in order to create more space for cars. I believe this is a great idea, because, although it would take time, money, and effort, it would be worth it. As you know, Snider Plaza is very packed.It can take up to about 10 minutes to find a parking spot. As a constant user of Snider Plaza, I understand firsthand how crowded it is and think that an underground parking garage would solve this problem.

-Preston Rossi, Troop 70
University Park

More Skulduggeries, Please

Every month, we get the Park Cities People newspaper in the mail. My favorite section to read is always the crime section. I just wanted to know if you could publish more than one Skulduggery a month because it is very interesting to see what lengths criminals go to steal stuff.

-Evan Huang, Troop 70
Highland Park

Better Uses For Old House Parts

I have noticed a rising trend of current homes in the Park Cities being demolished and new houses being built on the site.

My neighbor’s house across the street was recently knocked down, even though the previous owner had kept the house in great shape. Sadly, fixtures such as lights, windows, doors, shutters, and even metal railings, all in good condition, were just destroyed.

According to your September 2018 issue, there are more than 3,500 homeless people in Dallas. Many charities have opened their doors to shelter and feed the homeless. Some charities even build houses for them. These charities could have used those items.

I think when houses are being demolished, items that can be reused or recycled should be donated to charities, such as Habitat for Humanity.

I think we should take action and encourage builders who are active in our neighborhood to donate everything that they can possibly salvage to relevant charities. I believe this can help address the homeless issue. If people have a house and a home to live in, where they can rest and recover, this will also enable them to get a job.

-Francois Burger, Troop 518
University Park

Editor’s note: Thank you to these Boy Scouts who submitted letters as they work toward their communications merit badges.

William Taylor

William Taylor, editor of Park Cities People and Preston Hollow People, shares a name and a birthday with his dad and a love for community journalism with his colleagues at People Newspapers. He joined the staff in 2016 after more than 25 years working for daily newspapers in such places as Alexandria, Louisiana; Baton Rouge; McKinney; San Angelo; and Sherman, though not in anywhere near that order. A city manager once told him that “city government is the best government” because of its potential to improve the lives of its residents. William still enjoys covering municipal government and many other topics. Follow him on Twitter @Seminarydropout. He apologizes in advance to the Joneses for any angry Tweets that might slip out about the Dallas Cowboys during the NFL season. You also can reach him at [email protected]. For the latest news, click here to sign up for our newsletter.

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