GALLERY: Kanarys Launches in Dallas

Kanarys, a first-of-its-kind technology platform that fosters collaboration between companies and employees on diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) in the workplace, launches to the public July 25.

Kanarys gathers and analyzes cultural and demographic data, industry rankings and trends, and anonymous employee reviews on DEI – based on their own experiences and without the fear of retaliation – to inform companies’ efforts to build more inclusive workplaces and improve workplace culture. Through quantitative and qualitative data, companies can measure their own performance against DEI benchmarks and identify opportunities for improvement and growth through an easy-to-navigate client dashboard.

“Studies show that less than 30 percent of underrepresented professionals feel connected or heard in the workplace, costing companies as much as $144,000 per employee in attrition costs annually,” said Kanarys CEO Mandy Price. “Kanarys takes the emotion out of an often difficult subject for employers by providing real data on DEI, building and thereby empowering them to make changes that will benefit everyone.”

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Co-founders Mandy Price, Star Carter and Bennie King began development of the platform nearly 14 months ago, launching the beta interface to corporate early adopters in February 2019, with $725k raised in a pre-seed round of funding. Kanarys has also established a research partnership on DEI with the University of Texas at Austin and a robust advisory board who have lent their expertise in diversity and business throughout the platform’s development.

“As a former executive and early employee of Uber, I have firsthand knowledge of the disruptive power a startup can have,” said Kanarys investor, Leandre Johns. “When I first heard about Kanarys, I was drawn to its potential for industry-level transformation with respect to diversity, equity and inclusion in workplace cultures. The moment I saw the platform, I was convinced that I had to be a part of this movement.”

Munsch Hardt Kopf & Harr, P.C. is one Kanarys’ first early adopters.

“Being deeply committed to diversity, equity and inclusion, Munsch Hardt was excited to sign on to the Kanarys platform as a founding partner,” said Nolan C. Knight, Co-Chair of Munsch Hardt’s Diversity Committee. “By giving our employees the ability to provide anonymous reviews and participate in a number of surveys, Kanarys’ data-driven platform offers custom tools and analysis that help us identify and address DEI challenges specific to our law firm. In turn, our leadership team will be able to track DEI performance, directly address employee concerns and, ultimately, build a more innovative and inclusive workplace for all our employees.”

Kanarys plans to launch a seed round of funding this Fall that will be used to build out and iterate the technology platform and expand their diverse team of technology experts.

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