GALLERY: L.A. Fuess at Factory Six03

L.A. Fuess hosted party honoring two principals of the firm, Ann Piazza and Jon Herrin, upon their retirement.

Some of their major projects in Dallas and across the country go from DFW International Airport, Love Field, and most of the buildings in the Harwood development to Museum Tower and the Blue Ciel luxury highrise in Victory Park.

The party was held on the top floor and roof terrace of redone Factory Six03 building located in the West End.

L.A. Fuess Partners is a Structural Engineering firm specializing in the design of commercial, residential, institutional, and industrial buildings. Lawrence A. Fuess founded the firm in 1979 with a vision based on trust, professionalism, and excellence of service. Guided by that vision throughout its history, L.A. Fuess Partners pursues innovative design solutions that contribute to the overall success of each project and benefit all project team members.

(Courtesy photos)

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