“Downtown Abbey” Has the Right Amount of Comedy

Earlier this week, Downtown Abbey arrived on the big screen.

Julian Fellowes brought us a surprisingly funny movie based upon the scripted television series. People who have been following the show for the last six seasons will fall back in love with all the characters.

And, if you have not watched the television show, the movie will make you want to have a marathon of past episodes get the background of all the characters.

Those who have seen other episodes of this will love the comeback of the Crawley family.

They are the wealthy owners of Downton Abbey. The landscape adds to the grandeur of the estate. The castle makes a beautiful silhouette against the sky with rooms that are majestically decorated in a display of wealth.

When they receive the news that they are having a royal visit it sends the characters into a tizzy. The movie follows the chaos involved in the preparation of dinner, a parade and a ball in honor of King George V and Queen Mary.

The staff consists of a lively tart of a chef, a sassy kitchen maid and a butler who comes back to be part of the once in a lifetime visit and more. When their authority is usurped, they have to be creative on how to take their home back.

The movie has the right amount of comedy to add levity to the story.

One of the shining stars of this movie was Violet Crawley, who is played by Maggie Smith. She is both sharp-tongued and sharp-witted.

Fondly known as granny, she says what she wants when she wants. Just like in episodes of the show she is constantly scheming. But don’t be alarmed. It is all for the good of her family or so she believes.

The many romantic relationships in the movie emulate real-life situations.

There is a twist that wasn’t really expected but added a depth to the movie that one was not originally looking for. The movie shows couples in different phases of their relationship and you are able to watch as they work out the kinks.

This film had a light feel to it that provided fun-loving entertainment to those watching. Although this movie audience appeared to cater to the older adult crowds, it would be a good time for a date night or girls night out.


Tanika Turner

Tanika Turner is an editorial intern for People Newspapers, a D Magazine affiliate. She recently graduated from the University of Texas at Arlington with a degree in journalism. She is attempting to create a life she loves by taking chances. Most of her time is spent with her husband, two daughters and her cats (Batman and Robin). If her face is not hidden behind the pages of a romance novel she can be found playing in makeup.

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