Best of 2019: Volk Focuses His Lens on Dallas

Editor’s note: As 2019 turns into 2020, we’re taking the opportunity to look back at some of our best and biggest stories of the year.  This profile by People Newspapers editor William Taylor of photographer Leonard Volk was one of those stories.

Leonard Volk has loved photography since Jan. 3, 1950.

That day, he bought his first “good” camera – a Leica IIIc – in Limburg, Germany, during 14-months he spent traveling after graduating from Yale in 1949.

Through the years, he has photographed sights in Europe, Japan, and all over Dallas.

But along the way, he somehow missed out on shooting a few landmarks of particular personal importance: the Volk Brothers stores, including the George Dahl-designed, six-story downtown store in the 1800 block of Elm Street.

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