Best of 2019: ‘Life Finds a Way’

Editor’s note: As 2019 turns into 2020, we’re taking the opportunity to look back at some of our best and biggest stories of the year. Written by Timothy Glaze, this story about St. Mark’s grad-turned-undersea explorer Victor Vescovo was one of those stories.

Exploring unheard-of ocean depths is nothing new for St. Mark’s alumnus Victor Vescovo, who has dived to the deepest points of the Atlantic Ocean, Southern Ocean, and the Indian Ocean.

But on April 28, Vescovo hit a new low, so to speak.

Vescovo and his vehicle, the DSV Limiting Factor, reached a depth of 35,853 feet in the Mariana Trench of the Pacific Ocean. The dive broke the record of 35,787 feet by movie director James Cameron, who hit the mark with his dive in 2012.

Vescovo and his team remained in the section of the trench known as Challenger Deep until May 5, exploring and collecting biological samples from an area of the Pacific Ocean nearly seven miles below the surface.

Vescovo then capped off the month of May with a commencement speech at St. Mark’s 2019 graduation.

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