Ursuline Seniors Fund Thomas Jefferson Prom

Like many who texted loved ones on the night of the October tornado, Ursuline seniors texted their Class of 2020 GroupMe to take action, embodying the school’s “Serviam” motto.

Desiring to help those affected in the community, the senior class decided to forego funds raised for their Snowball Dance, giving it instead to Thomas Jefferson High School for their senior prom. After the tornado, the school was closed indefinitely and students relocated to Thomas Edison Middle Learning Center. Ursuline’s 210 girls involved in the project hope to make TJ’s prom more memorable with the donations, which will be used for gifts and decorations.

“I was so touched and inspired as a class leader to see the group effort in wanting to give back to the community and in such a meaningful way.” -Sarah Pumphrey

Senior student council members Nikki Kanzler and Sarah Pumphrey say they are proud of their class and excited to be able to help the community. Kanzler says that through the seniors’ efforts, they are being a part of something bigger than themselves.

“What amazes me is how my class was willing to forego some of the normal amenities at our senior dance solely for the benefit of other students we didn’t even know,” Pumphrey said. “We chose to have less just so their night could be that much more special and be an experience they would never forget.”

Dalia Faheid

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