Lime Offers Free Rides to Healthcare Workers, Law Enforcement Officers

Lime has relaunched a fleet of scooters and will offer a discount to health care workers and law enforcement officers.

Lime is partnering with Dallas to determine the best deployment locations to help essential workers and residents who face limited transportation options.

In addition, Lime will offer free 30-minute rides for public-health personnel and law enforcement officers, who can receive access by signing up.

Lime’s goal is to help essential workers who encounter transportation difficulties because they don’t want to take public transit or the public transit is running with service reductions. Scooters offer a safer alternative because they are a socially isolated vehicle, helping alleviate concerns over traveling in close proximity to others.

“Lime is proud to partner with cities to provide scooters as an essential transportation option to reliably get frontline workers and residents where they need to go,” said Lime chief policy officer, David Spielfogel. “We remain committed to the cities we love and serve, and we recognize the critical role of micromobility in serving transportation needs now and as we emerge from this crisis.”

Dalia Faheid

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