Kelli Jill Whitehead Moerschell

Once upon a time, God allowed an angel to live among us. The thing about an angel is they are so humble by nature; they never let on how much they are going to change your life. And in the process, they make you and everyone else around them a better person. In them, you experience a joy so deep and so rare it could only be heaven-sent. And this is how we learn of Grace. You ask yourself, ‘How could I be so lucky to have been in the presence of this angel?’ And your moments with this angel are so uniquely special you wish you could share them with the world. When you’ve seen an angel, you know it, unmistakably. You first see it in their smile. That unforgettably contagious smile. So bright, it warms your heart every time you think of it. And the laughter they bring, well only an angel could help you to experience such happiness. If you’ve ever been so fortunate to see an angel–then you’ve met Kelli. And this is her story…

From her earliest days, Kelli was the friend that made a difference in your life. And everyone felt like they were Kelli’s friend. Everyone who crossed her path has a story to tell about how Kelli had a ‘light’ about her, how she changed their life, how she took them under her wing, gave them a chance, and on more than one occasion, saved a life. Her energy, joy, laughter, and kindness are the stuff of legend, beginning at Armstrong Elementary, Highland Park High School, and on to Texas Tech University, where she was a Pi Beta Phi. Whether in track, cheerleading, or as Captain of varsity soccer, Kelli was both friends to and revered by all. You couldn’t help but love Kelli Whitehead. She made everyone feel better about themselves.

Kelli and Joe began their lives together 25 years ago. They were blessed by two sons, Zack and Boo, and raised their family in Highland Park and at Lake Kiowa. As these communities can attest, Kelli set the gold standard for ‘boy moms,’ ‘sports moms,’ ‘cafeteria moms,’ ‘classroom moms,’ ‘community moms,’ and any other place a mom could serve. And she did so with a spirit that has never been encountered before. All along the way, she lifted up the moms (and dads) around her, and they all adored her whether at Bradfield Elementary or YMSL. And somehow, every day, she still had enough energy to make us all feel special and loved.

When you give so much of yourself to so many, every day, even if you’re an angel, you need a rest. But Kelli would have no part of it. It was like she was giving whatever light she had to offer, and then some. And she gave it freely, without ever wanting anything in return. Her smile alone could change your outlook on life. And so it did for all of us when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. She never let up, not even through the worst of it. Her smile never dimmed. She kept changing lives and saved one along the way. Angels are the stuff of miracles. We thought she was saving one for herself. And, on May 21, 2020, we realized something – it was time for her to rest. God had given us a miracle in Kelli each day of her life. And so the miracle we were looking for was about to come, just not as we had prayed. It was time for Kelli to return to her Savior. Even angels need to rest. Our hearts are inconsolable, …but only until we see her again. Kelli is not gone; she has gone home.

Kelli is survived by her husband, Joseph “Joe” Andrew Moerschell and two beloved sons, Zack Branch Moerschell and Joseph Andrew “Boo” Moerschell II.; as well as her mother, Kathy Jill Haddock, and stepfather Mike Haddock, plus parents in law, William E. and Brenda Moerschell, step-sister Jennifer Haddock and numerous loving aunts, uncles and cousins. She is preceded in death by her father, Dennis Oliver Whitehead, and special grandmothers, Vada L. Dusak Halderman and Billie Whitehead Kimball.

We are unspeakably grateful for your outpouring of kindness throughout Kelli’s sickness, and for sharing your memories of how Kelli touched each of your lives. A celebration of life will be held at a later date. In lieu of flowers or other memorials, you may contribute to an educational fund created by Kelli’s dear friends to care for her precious boys. Please make your gifts out to the Zack & Boo Moerschell fund and mail directly to Benchmark Bank 7019 Hillcrest Drive, Dallas, Texas 75205.

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