Mimi’s Pizzeria, The Family Place Talk Partnership on Bubble Lounge

With family violence on the rise during the pandemic, Mimi’s Pizzeria has teamed up with The Family Place to help raise funds and awareness – and they talked about that partnership with Martha Jackson and Nellie Scuitto of the popular podcast The Bubble Lounge.

Jetmir “Mimi” Ahmedi of Mimi’s Pizzeria and Heather Street of The Family Place joined the two to discuss the services that the organization provides to families.

“While many are experiencing a glimmer of hope with the shelter-in-place order expiring and businesses beginning to open back up, for victims of family violence their COVID-19 pandemic experience has been worse than most,” Jackson said. “Local family-owned pizzeria, Mimi’s Pizzeria, off of Northwest Highway is doing their part to help. Mimi’s Pizzeria is offering a heart-shaped ‘Community Pie’ to support the Dallas community and victims of family violence during these trying times. The local pizzeria will be donating 10% of the proceeds from each ‘Community Pie’ to The Family Place.

Tune in to hear how you can give back to the Dallas community and enjoy hot, fresh, New York-style pizza at the same time. To watch, head to the Bubble Lounge Facebook page (we’ve embedded the episode below) and to listen visit click here.

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