A Few Moves to Avoid Gaining Quarantine Pounds

When the possibility lurks that COVID-19 could become not just the name of a disease but the number of pounds you’ve gained while sheltering at home, it could be time to consult some fitness experts.

We talked to Larry North, owner of Larry North Fitness, and Tamra Michelle, owner at District Climb, both in Preston Center. Michelle noted that trainers are not immune to boredom and temptation while sheltering at home.

“I have not been working out as much,” she confessed, adding she’s also picked up a new affinity for craft beer.

“Not the best hobby to have picked up during my time at home, but with the nice weather outside, I find myself grabbing one and sitting in the backyard on a Tuesday,” Michelle said. “I can tell you I was more than a little disappointed two weeks ago as I stepped on the scale and saw my 7 pounds weight gain.”

She knew she needed to alter her daily routines, but not so much she could not stick to it. Michelle cut out drinking during the week and swapped restaurant delivery for Snap Kitchen’s weekly meal plan at 1500 calories.

“I do still allow myself to order take-out from local restaurants on the weekends, not only to support local but also to keep me sane,” she said.

North said he’d kept fit with protein drinks and blender-prepared smoothie ingredients on-hand. He takes vitamins, supplements, and walks around the neighborhood, stays hydrated, and does a one-minute muscle building exercises like lunges, squats, and pushups.

His suggestions: use an app or YouTube video for home workouts, practice meditation to maintain a positive mindset, eliminate snacking, and “Read!”

Try These at Home

Fitness trainers Larry North and Tamra Michelle suggested a couple of moves try at home, one regular and one advanced each.

Advanced: Bird Dog Michelle: Get into a high plank position with your arms placed below the plane of your shoulder. Bring your left arm up with your right leg hold for a few seconds while you squeeze your glutes and hold your core tight. Repeat on the other side.

Regular: Half Kneeling Row North: Begin with an elastic band attached to a point in front of you. Create tension in the band, holding your arms straight and placing one knee on the ground. Slowly pull your hands toward your chest in a rowing motion, squeezing the shoulder blades together. Hold for 1-2 seconds and return to the start position. Repeat 15 times and perform three sets of this exercise.

Advanced: Alternating V-ups North: Begin by lying with your back on the floor with your right hand over your head, your left leg flat, and your right knee bent. Lift your chest and left leg off of the floor, bringing your right hand up to touch your toe at the highest possible point. Do this five times. Change positions so that your opposite arm and leg will do the same motion and do five on that side. Repeat this six times until you have done a total of 30 on each side.

 Regular: Wall Sits Michelle: Make sure your back is against the wall, setting your feet shoulder-width apart. Slide down the wall, bending your legs until they’re at 90 degrees. Hold your position while contracting your abs. When you’re done with your hold, slowly stand up as you keep your back pressed against the wall.

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  • July 29, 2020 at 5:33 am

    Workout is really needed during quarantine cause most of the people in quarantine gained weight.


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