Trova Wine + Market Opening in Preston Center

Wine shop, eatery, and market Trova Wine + Market is planning to open in mid-July in the Plaza at Preston Center.

Owner Michelle Bonds said the wine selection at the shop at 4004 Villanova Street will feature 150-200 bottles. Wine director Cameron Cronin may be familiar to Park Cities diners for having worked at restaurants including Sachet and Homewood.

“We’re really trying to showcase organic and biodynamic wineries, we’re trying to work with smaller producers,” Bonds said. “We’ll have about 20 wines by the glass….and we’re also going to be showcasing vermouth spritzes–there are some pretty cool vermouths out there — it’s kind of our take on an aperol spritz. We’re not able to sell aperol because it’s technically liquor and we’re only licensed for beer and wine, so I think that’s something fun and unique that we’ll be bringing to the table.”

Michelle Bonds at Trova Wine + Market. Photo: Tracy Nanthavonsga | Critical Launch.  

The food menu offers a mix of what’s described on the website as “snacketizers” including gourmet cheeses and charcuterie as well as sandwiches.

“The menu’s pretty centered around cheese and charcuterie, but we are going to have — I would call it seasonal, modern American, so we’ll be taking advantage of local and quality produce that’s in season, kind of having a mixture of small plates that will include things like delicious marinated olives, a rotating toast of the day… I think we have about four salads on the menu and and four…sandwiches, so we’ll have that as well,” Bonds said.

The idea for the shop was partly inspired by her time living in Argentina.

“I’ve always wanted my own business and I knew it would probably be in sort of the food and wine area just because it’s something I’ve always been passionate about, but I wasn’t quite sure exactly what the business format would be,” Bonds said. “One of the things that really stood out in our time in Argentina just because the country…the pace there is so much slower, there was really a lot of opportunity to sit and enjoy and learn about the wine you were drinking.”

She said she plans to have classes, chef’s tasting dinners, and hopes to bring in guest chefs from around Dallas.

“I think Dallas has so much talent when it comes to food and wine and I look forward to having people come to this place and enjoy it, but I also look forward to showcasing what we have just all around DFW,” Bonds said.

As for preparing to open during the time of COVID-19, she said they will follow Gov. Greg Abbott’s latest orders that restaurants not exceed 50% capacity inside as well as space tables out for social distancing.

“There is a section of the store when you walk in to the right that we would like to have completely dedicated to retail sales so people can come in and sit together …or pick up a bottle of wine to take home or something and, just because of the need to space everyone out, we’ve had to put a couple of tables in there at the moment,” Bonds said. “We just had to readjust a little bit there…I also thought in the beginning that I would have a little bit of time to figure out things like takeout…but, clearly, it’s a more pressing matter since so many people are rightfully still a little skittish in going out in public right now, and we want to give people the opportunity to go ahead and experience Trova and what it has to offer even if they’re not comfortable eating out.”

She added that she hopes to provide as close to a normal experience as possible under the 


“We’re hoping it feels pretty natural to customers,” Bonds said.

Rachel Snyder

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