Reader Survey Says …

At the height of the pandemic, we partnered with the polling and data company Polco to create a survey that would take our readers’ temperature. It began in May and ended on July 16. While it’s not scientific, the partnership allowed us to verify our 232 survey-takers and maintain the survey’s integrity. 

We asked how readers felt about state and local leadership, the reopening of the economy, whether they were wearing masks, and what they saw in their communities as things began to reopen. We also asked them to rank their COVID-19 concerns. 

Keep an eye out for additional surveys as the pandemic continues, and Election Day nears.

Local Response

Tell us your impression of the local response to COVID-19 by letting us know if you approve, do not approve, or have no opinion on the response of the person or entity.

State Response

Tell us your impression of the state response to COVID-19.

Open for Business

Is it safe to reopen? Who had the best strategy? Are you comfortable with public efforts to socially distance?

Living In a Pandemic

What concerns you the most about the pandemic? Rank the following concerns by weighting them in percentages, for a total of 100 percent. You do not have to choose each option, but your total should be 100.

  • Someone I love contracting COVID-19. 23%
  • A second wave will shut everything down again. 22%
  • Contracting COVID-19. 18%
  • Confusing and conflicting messages from local and state officials. 18%
  • Losing my job. 9%
  • Further reduction of city services because of lost revenue. 7%
  • Closure of daycares and camps will leave me without childcare as my employer opens again. 4%

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