Letters to the Editor

Try a New Message

It seems people don’t want to wear a mask to, “protect healthcare system, people around them in public, and vulnerable family etc.” It violates their rights on and on. How about a new PSA, “Wear a mask to protect YOURSELF!” Maybe this would work.

Catherine Cooper, Turtle Creek

Not Brave, Nor Patriotic

In response to the recent letter criticizing the officials who called off the Fourth of July Parade over COVID-19 concerns, I would like to say that I support their decision and am grateful for their leadership in making a difficult call. While it is true that life involves a degree of risk, it is neither brave nor patriotic to unnecessarily place the lives of others at risk. This summer, we can celebrate our freedom by choosing to be patient and to follow the science until the spread of the virus is under control. Let’s not make America sick again.

Rob Tranchin, University Park

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