Learn From and Be Inspired by Women

In July, I attended the annual Women’s Leadership Symposium, presented by our sister publication DCEO, and despite it being virtual, it was packed full of inspiration and energy.

I took seven pages of notes, but don’t worry; the editors enforce a tight word limit for this column.

Anne Chow, CEO of AT&T Business, opened the program with the topic “Leading in a Time of Crisis.”

She said that in times of crisis what we need is compassion and empathy, “Women were made for leadership in a crisis.” 

I encourage you to look her up, she’s insightful, funny and down to earth. Her LinkedIn profile describes her as a transformative executive and servant leader.  

Another favorite in the lineup of speakers was Cynt Marshall, CEO of the Dallas Mavericks, Wow! Talk about dynamic high energy? Marshall is the first women to hold such a position in the NBA. Her topic was “What is your why?” 

“I think I know what I plan to do on Sept. 29: learn from and be inspired by other women.”

She said, ask yourself “What is my purpose on earth?” Why me, why you, why Dallas, why now?

She grew up in the projects, watched her father shoot a man, had several miscarriages, faced cancer challenges, and her husband deal with with a brain injury.

“All things in my life contributed to my purpose,” she said.

Her miscarriages led her to adopt her four children.

Her why Dallas is to help drive change, she said, quoting a statistic from 2013 when Dallas ranked last (274 out of 274) in overall inclusion; 272 in economic and 245 in racial.

“Diversity is being invited to the party,” she said. “Inclusion is being asked to dance.”

In this issue we have additional examples of women in leadership, in our Remarkable Women monthly feature, Attorney Amy M. Stewart founded her law firm in 2017 and this year helped what law360.com described as likely the nation’s first virtual summary jury trial.

On Page 48 in ‘All things not equal…” advancing The Texas Women’s Foundation’s annual luncheon on Sept. 29, Foundation president and CEO, Roslyn Dawson Thompson said. “For 35 years, we’ve empowered Texas women and girls to build strong and inclusive communities, and that work is more important today than ever before.”

The program will feature a fantastic line up of women including Marshall and actor America Ferrera.

In an interview with net-a-porter.com Ferrera said, “We need 50% women on our boards; we need 50% women in front of and behind the camera.”

I’m proud to say that at our small newspaper, two out of our three managers are women.

I think I know what I plan to do on Sept. 29: learn from and be inspired by other women.

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Patricia Martin

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