Letters to the Editor

High Praise For High Rise Plan

The presentation at the community meeting on June 11 convinced me that the greening of Preston Center will begin with this project. The project defines “building toward a better future,” and it will influence the scope of work for developing the garage block as well as all of Preston Center.  I am also convinced that the project is “so right” for Preston Center that the adjacent property owners and the community at large will recognize its value for all of Dallas and will support the project. I’m also confident the property owners and tenants appreciate Rosebriar Holdings and Burk Interest support of the architects (HKS and GFF) working together for the good of Preston Center. As an architect whose passion is planning, I consider this multi-use project for Preston Center a model for future development throughout Dallas. The greening of Preston Center will begin with our support.

Howard C. Parker, American Institute of Architects fellow emeritus, Dallas

Protect Voters

I am very concerned that our state is forcing people to choose between their health and their right to vote. There are many things up in the air right now, but our democracy shouldn’t be. Experts estimate we need at least $4 billion to make sure states can prepare for elections in the time of coronavirus. Otherwise, millions of voters might be disenfranchised. The first relief bill provided $400 million, which gets the process started but is not enough. The HEROES Act passed by the House allocates $3.6 billion, but the Senate has yet to even bring the bill up for a vote. Congress MUST pass additional funding to make sure our November elections are prepared for this unprecedented threat.

Sandi Hebley, Dallas

STAAR Changes for Year

Third grade is the first year of STAAR testing. I have a third and a fourth grader. It was waived last year so my fourth grader hasn’t taken it. It seems silly to only waive for grades that have taken it. I’m happy to skip it so that the teachers and scholars can actually focus on academic content versus teaching to the test. Both my kids are TAG and they got ZERO TAG post spring break.

Athena Hinkhouse, Dallas, Via Facebook

Remembering Ebby Halliday

Many years ago, around 10 p.m., I was working late at the Little White House. My cubicle was next to a window on the east wing when all of the sudden, I almost jumped out of my shoes (heels of course in those days). EBBY was knocking on the window. She motioned me to the back door. EBBY had on a beautiful dress with a jacket. She couldn’t reach the zipper! So I got it down far enough and we got the jacket back on. “Now dear,” she said. “what are you doing here so late?” “Well Ebby,” I said, “I have three contracts that I need to finish distributing in the a.m. and with four children, a dog, a cat, two rabbits and a New Yorker husband who barely saw grass until I converted him to Texas and had no idea where all these inhabitants got to our home, I needed the peace and quiet of the office.” “Well now it’s time to go home,” she said. “Sort it all out in the morning. You need to take care of yourself now.” So, I gathered it all and walked her to her back door. For a while when I’d see her, she’d wink.

Mary Louise Cadigan, Dallas

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