Candidates Vow To Continue To Serve, No Matter the Outcome

We’re just days from Election Day, and many are continuing to get to know the candidates on their ballots. This year, we’ve asked candidates in key races two questions:

  • What are three of the biggest issues you are hearing about from voters, and what is your plan to address them if you are elected?
  • If you are not elected, how will you help your community?

Last month, we shared the candidates’ responses to the first question. This month, we’ll show you their responses to the second.

If you are not elected, how will you help your community?

U.S. House District 32

Colin Allred (incumbent, D): I ran for Congress to ensure everyone gets a fair shot at living their version of the American Dream just like I did. North Texas is my home, where I was born and raised by a single mother who was a teacher in Dallas public schools. I was able to live my version of the American Dream because of the incredible support I received from my teachers, coaches and the good folks at the YMCA. That support gave me the platform I needed to play in the NFL, to become a voting rights lawyer, and now serve in Congress.

My commitment to ensuring everyone gets a fair shot at living their version of the American Dream just like I did not start with my run for Congress, and it won’t end if I leave Congress. As a voting rights lawyer, I will continue to fight for everyone’s right to participate in their democracy, from fighting voter suppression to ensuring that we pass reforms that take special interests out of our politics. I will always be honored to serve this community in whatever capacity I can — whether that is being an active volunteer at the Town North YMCA, which helped me so much growing up, or being a mentor for students at my alma mater Hillcrest High School and the kids at Cafe Momentum.

For the past two years, I have put North Texans over party politics to give more people a fair shot, and I will continue to do so regardless of the results of the November election. As my hero, the great Congressman John Lewis taught us all, I will continue to get in good trouble, necessary trouble to ensure that the American promise is kept to every American, regardless of who they are or where they come from. 

Genevieve Collins – R: To be very clear, it is my full intention to be elected on November 3rd. However, my commitment to serving this community does not have an expiration date. In the past, I have helped educate millions of kids and revitalized schools across the nation. I have also been part of a number of philanthropic organizations including the Dallas Children’s Advocacy Center, Doak Walker Awards Selection Committee, CitySquare, and the Navy Seal Legacy Foundation, to name a few. Serving others is in my blood. It’s why I decided to run for Congress in the first place. And even if North Texas does not choose me, I will always choose them. I will always help this community through my participation on various boards and charitable organizations where I will serve as an advocate for children, a role model for women, and a fighter for this community.

Jason Sigmon (I): It depends.

Texas House of Representatives District 108

Morgan Meyer (incumbent, R): Our decision to run for this seat in 2014 was based on wanting to ensure strong future for our children – Katharine, Elizabeth, and Asher. After three sessions in Austin, I have invaluable experience and I’ve demonstrated the ability to get things done. I’ve created strong relationships across the aisle that will be useful in building bipartisan teams to address jobs, growth, education, healthcare and more. As a member of the House Public Education Committee, I understand the complex issue of school finance and the importance of protecting historic funding levels we passed last session that are providing hundreds of millions in new funds to Dallas ISD and HPISD. I’ve led for critical public safety legislation and I understand the fine balance of supporting law enforcement while investing in community-based solutions. There is no substitute for the depth of experience I’ll bring to my fourth session, and it’s my goal to put this skill to use for the Dallas region and our state. There are no guarantees in politics, but I’m intent on working hard, campaigning hard and winning in November so I can keep working hard for our community on these important issues that truly impact our quality of life today, and the future we are creating for the next generation of Texans.

Joanna Cattanach (D): This isn’t a what if question for me. Many of your readers know I lost by 220 votes in a recount to the incumbent, and they should also know I didn’t simply disappear from the district because the issues and the community I sought to represent matter all the time and not just in election season. Here’s some of what I did and will do again no matter the outcome:

  •  I spent my time working with my local neighborhood school on an effort to help make sure our elementary school was eligible to receive proper bond funding and had a plan for expansion that made sense to the neighborhood. 
  • I hosted the only public education and property tax town hall in the district, recorded it, and shared it so our neighbors and taxpayers had a better understanding of the legislation being presented in Austin and what and why it was important.
  • I renewed by certification to register voters.
  • I hired phone bankers left unemployed by the pandemic to make senior health check calls.
  • I served as an election judge in the place of a more vulnerable senior and as a needed public service.
  • I helped other candidates running for and considering a run for office especially young people and women.
  • Most importantly, I made sure that “losing” an election didn’t end a commitment to public service and my community.
Texas House of Representatives District 114

John Turner (incumbent, D): As a lawyer, I would not only focus on serving my clients but would also look for opportunities to take on worthy pro bono and public interest matters. I have found such work very rewarding in the past, including my representation of cities working for cleaner air, and school districts arguing for a better system of school funding. I would stay involved with education and workforce development, including efforts at the Dallas Regional Chamber and DISD. I would continue to be involved in our church and support its efforts in our city. And as a husband and father, I would continue to be involved as a volunteer in my two sons’ activities, such as coaching sports teams and helping with their school events and programs. Family, neighborhood, and community are important to me, and I intend to devote time to these activities regardless of the results of the election.

Luisa del Rosal – R: I am running for office because I am drawn to serve the community and state that have provided me with abundant opportunity. If not elected, I will continue to volunteer for the Junior League of Dallas, the Texas Latino-Jewish Leadership Council with the American Jewish Community, and supporting American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC).

I also hope to join the board of a nonprofit that focuses on educational opportunities for underserved students in our community.

Dallas County Sheriff

Incumbent Dallas County Sheriff Marian Brown (D) did not return her responses by press time. We will share them as soon as we receive them.

Chad Prda (R): If I am not elected on Nov. 3, I will continue to support the community as I have for many years. Currently, I am the President of the Dallas chapter of Eagle Riders with the Fraternal Order of Eagles. Last year the Fraternal Order of Eagles donated over one million dollars to local and national charities and we will continue to do so for years to come. 

Along with the several organizations I work with now I will continue to fight for election integrity ensuring the integrity of our vote. 

In addition to my Civic duties, I will remain a law enforcement officer. I believe it is my calling to be in law enforcement and will continue to serve our community in that capacity just as I do now regardless of the outcome of this election. 

Dallas County Commissioner, District 1

Incumbent Dallas County Commissioner Theresa Daniel (D) did not return her responses by press time. We will share them as soon as we receive them.

Patrick Harden (R): I will continue my nonprofit work with Rotary of Park Cities as we try to raise funds for an Agape Clinic/Bonton Farms building in South Dallas. I always try to mentor at least one person or student. One of the things I want to do is try to engage the Republican party to take a more active role in the Black community. They only hear one message and it doesn’t resonate with all Blacks. The Black community is not monolithic. We should be trying to share conservative values.

I think I may go back to being a behavior counselor but I’m not too excited about learning brain-spotting. I do miss impacting lives of those who think their lives do not matter and feel they are no more than third class citizens. If the right opportunity to teach in the classroom came along, I would definitely do it.

Bethany Erickson

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