What Holiday Cuisine Reigns Supreme?

There’s been a lot of voting on something big, so we decided to let you keep voting by creating a contest for something not so big: Best Holiday Take Out.

Click the image to access the survey.

Call it the Thanksgiving Throw Down, Tenderloin Tournament, or the Family Feast Feud, we know that folks have very pronounced likes and dislikes when it comes to America’s favorite holiday feasts.

Nominations for the best places to buy pre-made sides, desserts, mains were submitted by readers and now we want you to vote on your favorite places to pick them up. Vote early and often and show your favorite holiday haven some love.

Voting starts today and ends on Friday.  Winners will be announced Monday morning.

Kersten Rettig

Kersten Rettig is an eater, drinker, cooker, writer and former restaurant owner with a deep affection for all things food and beverage related. The Park Cities resident has a food blog and Instagram called The Kickshaw Papers. Follow her @KickshawPapers.

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