Tell The Stories of Veterans With Key Questions

Wednesday is Veterans Day, and with it comes the stories of the men and women who served the country in peacetime and wartime – and one Dallas-based company is encouraging people to document their stories.

OneDay, a Dallas-based company best known for its technology that fosters video storytelling and personal connections with senior living residents and their families, is sharing questions to ask a veteran in your life. 

The company is encouraging that further with a set of questions to ask a veteran this Veterans Day, urging people to spend the day listening to the veteran in their life share their story. Not only do these conversations preserve their precious memories, but their stories also bring to life history and highlight the important roles these men and women have played.

To help start and navigate this conversation, OneDay is sharing questions to ask a veteran this Veterans Day, which you can find below my signature. If you’re planning to give a veteran a call, make sure to record and document it so their stories can be heard again for years to come. 

Questions to Ask Veterans This Veterans Day 

  • Describe your most impactful service you were able to accomplish while serving your country.  
  • Why did you pick the service branch you served in?
  • What were the first few days of service like? Tell me about your boot camp and training experiences.
  • What was your main job assignment?          
  • How did people entertain themselves? What was the food like?        
  • Did you make any close friendships while in the service?    
  • Do you remember the day your service ended?       
  • Who were you most excited to see after your service ended?        
  • What awards and decorations did you receive?       
  • How did your service and experiences affect your life?       

 OneDay worked with their senior living partners to capture a number of veteran stories, too.

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